Saturday, May 28, 2016

Alien Tracks and Lilly Pads

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

Maybe not alien. Either a big lizard, or a small gator?

The promised lily pads

Cool looking scrag.

Tortured dancers.

These 45 degree sandy dunes were not fun.

Aw, a pretty


  1. Love those lily pads. And those dunes do look challenging. Soft sand to make it harder?

  2. Cool tracks in the sand and I love the tortured trees .

  3. I'd say lizard, even a small gator would leave a wider belly track.
    Love the tortured dancer trees.

  4. Snap! I snapped the same as you yesterday - not that snappy alien critter, but some lily pads. We even had the same gloriously sunny weather.

  5. Your first shot is great! Good question but I don't have any experince about small gators here in Hungary. So I cannot help you :D

  6. Sand and tracks and blossom and lovely sky! Great day.