Monday, June 8, 2015

Snapshots - Just pretty pictures

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. What's the theme here? Just to prove April in Florida is pretty special (April 26 hike and I still got toasted). (Not so nice here in June - September...unless you're on holiday from Hell)

Mangrove bloom

Colorful mangrove leaves

Another kind of mangrove bloom...kind of missed it...durn

Yeah...caught these in bloom.

Ain't they go....jussss

This lady says her 9yo doesn't much like to swim anymore...but loves to be snuggled. 

Wow, and this is an overcast day. 

Some shiny glass. (There were more cranes in downtown Sarasota than there are highrises in Tampa. Boy. That town is boomin')

Yep! I could live on that boat!

Mockingbird just posed for me. 

We're more known for gators in Florida, but we have a few Crocks too. 


  1. Nice snapshots! Your picture 4th especially beautiful for me :)

  2. Very, very beautiful. Not a fan of Crocks or Gators though.

  3. Personally I think any day is pretty wonderful in your world! I love the shoe but best is the snuggle shot! Sweet!

  4. So that's a mocking bird? Beautiful pictures but for me you can forget the alligators and crocodiles,

  5. Pretty images from April! It is still cool here, wishing for some warmer weather. Love the lady hugging her dog. And the croc looks scary. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  6. Ha! Crocs. Love it. I've never seen mangroves. They sure are pretty.

  7. Wonderful shots - and the last one made me laugh.

  8. Funny post----I'm likin' it.

  9. Indeed, lovely pictures.

  10. Awesome pics. I chuckled at the last one of the crock. I wish it was your April weather here today.

  11. gorgeous reflection in that glass!!!!