Monday, May 25, 2015

Snapshots - Last from Lake Morton

Greetings and Happy Memorial Day from the Hermit Writer.

I mentioned the sculptures...

When I was a kid a century ago, girls didn't cool they have more in common with the boys now (like broken bones and scraped knees)

"Yeah, I'm beautiful. Get over it."

"Hey! Whattabout me!"

These four got a little panicked I got between them and Mom.

"Meh. Nothing much going on."

This is George.

This is Corkey.

Place saver for something witty.

"Qvack...I mean, cahhh"

These guys sped to me. I didn't have any snacks though.

Another sculpture. (A butterfly, if you can't tell. Wouldn't fit in the frame.)


  1. Wonderful place. Thank you for the introduction to the birds - stunners one and all.

  2. Wow I feel old. Skateboards didn't exist when I was young!

  3. Good Morning, the sculptures are cool. And I love all the birds and their names too. Great shots. Have a happy Memorial day and new week ahead!

  4. really cute birds and ducks. :)

  5. Boa tarde, Excelente sequência de boa fotos, conseguiu na perfeição a luz e a cor adequada.