Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Snapshots - Looking up

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer. Maybe it's because I'm from the desert Southwest, where there weren't many trees...and sandy-brown loomed everywhere I looked, but even after living in Tampa almost three decades, I don't get tired of looking up into the trees over my home.

I like trees (and clouds)

For you non-Southerners...this is Spanish Moss

By the way...I've typed 'the end' on my current project, a young adult/new adult paranormal adventure...am in edit...looking for beta readers/cross beta readers. If you are interested...here is the draft blurb:

Notoriety at seventeen stinks. Caitlin wants nothing more than to be invisible her senior year but the nickname she earned within the kith, the secret society she was born into, follows her. Remnants of the revenir realignment continue to challenge her life expectancy. She watches her family crumble like the worst soap opera cliché. Her queen, a five thousand year old shape shifter, has tagged her to search for a loose ghoul, and negotiating with a sociopathic ancient. Clearly, breaking her back wasn't enough sacrifice. That caused her clinical depression. Dodging conspiracy-driven bullying at her new school doesn't help either.

Paranormal adventure THE JENNINGS KID is a sequel to REVENIR INTERN, a spinoff of the darker novel, REVENIR.



  1. I like trees and clouds, too.

    As for your book, you need to determine if it is a YA or a NA. They are two totally different birds, you know? Wish I knew a beta reader for you, but I have a hard enough time finding people to read my own stuff! Haha! :)

  2. You know I'm a fan of the Spanish Moss and I'm so happy I never even dreamed of taking some home. Hehehe! Every time I see your photos from around Tampa it confirms for me why my ex-hubby decided that Tampa was home sweet home for him. I've been many places in Florida, but never Tampa.

  3. Spanish moss is awfully photogenice. Very nice photos, Mac. Your blurb is very intriguing. I'm sorry. I'd help, but the last thing I need is another great distraction from my own book. Congratulations on typing "The end"! I bet that feels great.

  4. i read the blurb, you are a wonderful writer but i am not a reader.

    your upwards views are beautiful, i have seen the spanish moss and it is very pretty!!!!

  5. Love trees and clouds. And hope you find the right beta reader(s) soon.

  6. Spanish moss is so beautiful. Lovely photos. I have a dear friend that lives in Coral Gables. I think it's near Tampa.