Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Snapshots - From a Walk About

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer.

Gracie smelling the...uh...roses

Me enjoying the textures of life too

Lucy and Molly getting in their smelling too

Enjoying to sun

Molly tires fast these days, poor baby

Some neighbors hanging by the river

By the way...I've typed 'the end' on my current project, a young adult/new adult paranormal in edit...looking for beta readers/cross beta readers. If you are is the draft blurb:

Notoriety at seventeen stinks. Caitlin wants nothing more than to be invisible her senior year but the nickname she earned within the kith, the secret society she was born into, follows her. Remnants of the revenir realignment continue to challenge her life expectancy. She watches her family crumble like the worst soap opera cliché. Her queen, a five thousand year old shape shifter, has tagged her to search for a loose ghoul, and negotiating with a sociopathic ancient. Clearly, breaking her back wasn't enough sacrifice. That caused her clinical depression. Dodging conspiracy-driven bullying at her new school doesn't help either.

Paranormal adventure THE JENNINGS KID is a sequel to REVENIR INTERN, a spinoff of the darker novel, REVENIR.



  1. Great dogs, mine take ages to get anywhere there is nothing that they don't sniff. It's fine if they are off the lead as they catch up but it gets very trying if I'm in town and they are tethered.

  2. I totally enjoyed Gracie's roses! Ha! Ha! Happy October first in your lovely birded and place of enchantment.

  3. Gracie has a time travelling nose. She is smelling where the roses were - or will be.

  4. oohhh those purple flowers, just gorgeous!!