Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Safari - Urban El Paso

Hello from the Hermit-writer

Another urban safari today. Hope you like the splashes of color I found in this desert city.

I love the bright colors of the Southwest

This boy has ADD. He was barking his head off at me one second, and something else caught his attention. He promptly returned to give me the what for.

I love blackbirds

...and potted geraniums

Nazareth Hall Nursing Center

Nazareth Hall

Loretto Convent

Laretto College

Loretto Academy

Loretto Academy

St. Anthony's Seminary

And after a 3 hour hike in the hot desert must consume a #2 Combination Plate (hold the taco, extra beans), with appropriate liquid refreshment at Kiki's

Have a great week.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Safari - Drive into the Desert

Hello from the Hermit-writer. This safari didn't have as much a destination in mind, as a journey. But I captured a few pictures.

Looks like this could have been a salon/hardware store/inn...back in the day.

It's a geologists dream out here.

Something unique in every direction.

Gotta wonder what kind of people like to live out here, away from the conveniences and comfort of the city.

Old corral and cattle chute from more prosperous times...before over grazing and drought.

Molly trudging through the gravel. She'd prefer to be back on grass and fallen leaves, in Florida.

Take note of the blue sky facing west. East and south, a storm was moving in.

The storm is down the road a piece, but nearing.

(facing west)

By that evening, the sky looked like this.

I so love West Texas wind storms. They are so lovely. Cough, cough.

Have a great week.