Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Safari - Drive into the Desert

Hello from the Hermit-writer. This safari didn't have as much a destination in mind, as a journey. But I captured a few pictures.

Looks like this could have been a salon/hardware store/inn...back in the day.

It's a geologists dream out here.

Something unique in every direction.

Gotta wonder what kind of people like to live out here, away from the conveniences and comfort of the city.

Old corral and cattle chute from more prosperous times...before over grazing and drought.

Molly trudging through the gravel. She'd prefer to be back on grass and fallen leaves, in Florida.

Take note of the blue sky facing west. East and south, a storm was moving in.

The storm is down the road a piece, but nearing.

(facing west)

By that evening, the sky looked like this.

I so love West Texas wind storms. They are so lovely. Cough, cough.

Have a great week.


  1. The desert is so desolate yet beautiful. In a way, it's a writer's dream as well. At least it brings out the muse in me. All the pictures are beautiful, except for the one where the landscape is bespoiled by people in their rough hovels. But I like the picture of the old saloon/inn. There's a story there, history there, and beauty in its vacancy.

  2. My home sweet home! I can see visions of such a great structure as that abandoned house once was, now just waiting for somebody! I adore these photos, they are a great example of my grandfather's ranch in the desert outside of Florence, AZ. I will always have fond memories of my visits there. A place like that stirs my soul every time. I have swing back through all the pictures again, thanks for my journey today.

  3. Yes, you must find more out about what that first photo was. The bare sign structure on the roof makes me believe some business, and perhaps they had their residence there too? I feel a mystery lurking! A Stephen King novel building....Carrie.... has returned....! Desert-Aliens Attack!

  4. There are such cool places to see near El Paso. There's a volcanic crater out toward the west. You have to drive down a dirt road to get to it and it's called Kilbourne Hole. Don't know if that's something you want to do on your motorcycle but on a spring day, beautiful.

  5. A whore house, most definitely a whore house - but not a successful one : ). Love those pictures and love West Texas too.