Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Safari - Urban El Paso

Hello from the Hermit-writer

Another urban safari today. Hope you like the splashes of color I found in this desert city.

I love the bright colors of the Southwest

This boy has ADD. He was barking his head off at me one second, and something else caught his attention. He promptly returned to give me the what for.

I love blackbirds

...and potted geraniums

Nazareth Hall Nursing Center

Nazareth Hall

Loretto Convent

Laretto College

Loretto Academy

Loretto Academy

St. Anthony's Seminary

And after a 3 hour hike in the hot desert must consume a #2 Combination Plate (hold the taco, extra beans), with appropriate liquid refreshment at Kiki's

Have a great week.


  1. I'd forgotten how colorful the homes were down there.

    PS Glad you are filling up on liquid refreshment. Very important. :)

  2. I have house envy now. Lovely. The ornate architecture is really so interesting. I love the cross- the incorporation of their faith and culture.

    The food looks good. I love a well done margarita!

  3. Oh wow, nice dinner, and that cold beverage looks real yummy right now! It's actually like a heat wave here right now! HOORAY! I like that white pup, and just met and petted one today, that was part husky and a couple of other things, so precious, but he wanted off his leash and to run around where we all were! It's a dog thing to be right in center of it all you know! You out did yourself again, I had no idea how pretty that town is! If I lived there, I think I would even go with that bright yellow paint. Seriously, it'd be like sunshine even on a rainy day! I will miss these jaunts once you get back to ocean side Florida. You'll have to really step up your game! Ha! Ha!

  4. Is Spanish moss a seasonal thing? My daughter just came back from North Carolina and I asked her to take a picture of some if she saw any. I think that stuff is so cool.

  5. I LOVE these bold and bright splashes of color! Great photos!! And your meal looks yummeeeee. :)

  6. You were in Texas and didn't stop by to visit???!!!