Thursday, October 25, 2012

Favorite Passage

Adel entered, strapping on her sword. "You promised."
Justen paused to take her in. She no longer looked as though a sword belonged on her hip. She had changed so much since losing her brother, and transitioning from brawny warrior, a signet flourishing. Gone, the abrupt warrior cut. Her hair, once as dark as a thoroughbred's, now golden with red highlights, reached well below her shoulders. It was tied back for riding, half-hidden in Dyfydian-blue silk. Her eyes glinted amber in the lazy flutter of the sconce. Her thinned face highlighted a grace he had never noticed before. She stood tall, shoulders back. Her riding vest, instead of hiding her femininity, thrust her breasts into a dare.
"I'm sorry. What did you say?"
"You promised."
About what?
She pointed to the regalia two steps away.
"I lied. If they can't figure out I'm no peasant, I'm not going to bash anyone about the head with pageantry."

King's Legacy

-R. Mac Wheeler
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