Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Safari – Babe Zeharias, Tampa

A drop-dead beautiful morning here in paradise. Sixty degrees, not a cloud in the sky. Hiked across another of our three municipal golf courses in Tampa. Hope you enjoy.

These oaks sure narrow the fairway.

Dew looks cool, giving the grass a silver hue, eh?

I loved the texture of the moss and the reflection together

Great oak resplendent in the early morning sun.

Looks like a preying mantis munching on a mint snow cone, or is it just me?

That water is thick.

A butt shot! "Whachu lookng at?"

Oaks line a sharp dogleg.

He posed. Almost screamed at me to take his picture.

Paper trees have such a neat texture.

 Have a great week!

(Let a friend know about my safaris)


  1. I shall pass your safari posts on! As for Mr. Duck he does have a cute butt! I noticed a lot of amazing trees, all with their own special beauty or style...I am almost as much of a tree person as a dog person! As for beautiful day, I think our day here in Minnesota may have topped yours! Seriously! We still ahve 60 degrees at 8:30 pm and I don't know the actual high (was outside not paying attention to that!) :)and dressed like summer time-but at one point it was the high 70's. It was one of those feel good days, that you just walked about thanking nature for being so kind! Cold country folks do that kind of chanting thing often. Even FB had comments all across the board about the lovely day! Thanks for a glimpse into your world...and I shall share yours too! Be good!

  2. My favorite is the tree reflected in the pond! So beautiful!

  3. I love your photographs! I have to say every time I see your Sunday Safari I get a pang of jealousy, the weather here in the UK is rubbish at the moment. It's dull, rainy most days and the sun struggles to poke it's head through the thick clouds. Keep these beautiful photos coming... at least then I can imagine being there in that glorious sun.

    Morgan x