Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pix - Sunday Safari - Upper Tampa Bay Trail

It was a gorgeous morning for some exercise. Upper Tampa Bay Trail -- Hope you enjoy.
 (Hint: if you aren't in a news-reader, click any picture to drop into a higher resolution Lightbox presentation)
 I like ducks...I had a pet duck named Gertrude when I was a kid

Yall have a great week.


  1. Great shots, one and all. Some could almost be in England. The beast is a beaut.

  2. Very nice. Who would be mean enough to name a horse BoBo?


  3. Nice photos! Some of them could pass for Pennsylvania or Wisconsin. Nice and green there. Thanks for sharing your morning journey! Have a good week :-)

  4. Mac, you've out done yourself on this trip! The first photo (enlarged) almost has what appears to be twinkle lights hanging from the trees...very cool! But best of all what fine and beautiful animals, every one of them! Lovely trip for darkness falls outside our window....your photos light up the room!