Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pix - Sunday Safari - Upper Tampabay Trail

You guessed it...with Tropical Storm Debby hanging over Tampa...I took my regular Sunday Safari. If you ever have a chance to hike in a tropical storm...I recommend it. Fun. Changes the earth more than just the obvious.
 Enjoy these pix of the Upper Tampabay Trail
 Sorry for all the raindrops on the pictures...but remember...I was in a tropical storm.

I wasn't the only nut out there.

Hope you have a great week!
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-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. These are great photos, and pretty much what life has been around here. But, you are not the only nut out there...believe me...I know a few more too! Enjoy your week....!

  2. The pictures are great: all that lush green, all those beautiful raindrops we are in such need of here in the thumb of Michigan. I particularly like the one of the wooden steps. Your trail looks like like no part of Florida I've every seen. Are you sure that's where you are??:)

  3. A friend wrote me, "This isn't Tampa!"

    Too funny.

    I don't lie...I just write fiction.

    - Mac

  4. Gorgeous photos! So lush and green.

  5. Ah, home, I was born in Dade City and lived in Tampa about half my life, watched 'em build the by-pass canal in my back yard on Maple Lane. Family in the area since 1840's too many notFloridians, I moved...sigh...miss it tho

  6. Oh wow! These are amazing photos!! I wish I was walking there!