Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pix -- For those who can't play hookie on a Wednesday morning

65 degrees this morning. Got out before it warms up. Supposed to be 88 today.

Watered last the lillys were really ready to celebrate this morning

 Thirty minutes later, spreadying their arms out to the sun.
 I miss my weekly golf. When I decided to write full-time, the sport was something I gave up. Not making money, can't be a'spendin' money.
 Brassbutt, Fluffbutt, and Shinybutt (AKA Lucy, Gracy and Molly)
 Since I pass him every Wednesday, decided to name him George. Everyone say, "Hi, George."
 The sun at 8:30...and I could be on a conference call learning about the next due date that wasn't going to be met.
 I wonder who likes our walks more, me, or the pups.
 This is my church.
 Another view of my church.
 A neighbor had dropped by to say hi when we got back. Everyone say, "Hi, neighbor."
(If you're viewing in a Reader, did you click on one of the pictures to drop into Googles presentation at high resolution? Ya should.)
-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. Golfing is over rated anyway! Give me a field (we have it) a ball and a club and there you have it. Free golf! Don't laugh one of our neighbors built his own course! Seriously! I go to a church much like yours! Having two dogs I know it's hard to tell who does have more fun...but we have lots of roaming room here too! Always enjoy your story lines on such worthy photos to brighten a person's day, thanks!

  2. The random teddy bear amuses me. :)