Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pix -- No Safari Today

Molly has a rash going on, so no safari off-leash -- don't want her swimming in any yucky pond water. She and I took a bike trip instead, across the bay, over the causeway. Beautiful, in the seventies. Can't believe it's supposed to break 90 Tuesday. Argh. I am soo not ready for summer.

 When we got back, we went for a neighborhood walk.

 Saturday, when Dina and I were driving for lunch, came across some cool clouds.
A heavy rain mde our lillies very happy. Here they are stretching to bloom early in the morning.
 And an hour later:

-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. There is nothing cooler than a dog in goggles :-)

  2. Not to correct you...of course.

    But they are

    d o g g l e s