Monday, April 24, 2017

Molly - In Celebration

Please help me celebrate today the long, happy life of the best friend I've ever had. 

I wish I'd gotten into photography a long time ago...but in wouldn't have mattered, because my sweet Molly, AKA Molly bin Laden, AKA the Mollinator, didn't really slow down enough to catch her in a frame until around 2014. Keep in mind, this pup was born December, 2000. 

She lived a good life. Ate lots of snacks, got lots of belly rubs.

She will be missed.

2001 Valentine's picture with Dina

2001 March - the puppy gettin' to be a bundle

2001 December - 1 year old

As I said, Molly didn't slow down much...most of my shots of her were a blur.

2012 - She spent half of her life in some body of water

2013 March - I dragged her to the Desert Southwest
See her booties?

2014 Starting to show a little gray
(With her bud Lucy, who we lost in April 2016)

2015 May

2014 June

2014 June

2014 July

2014 July

2014 Oct

2014 Nov - now with half a left ear, after her mast cell was removed

2014 December - Even with half an ear she was gorgeous

2015 Feb

2015 Mar

2016 April

2011 Dec

2016 September

2016 December

2017 January

Molly, you created so much joy, initiated so much laughter.