Friday, October 14, 2016

Mother's Gifts

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

Hampton Tract was aflutter with flutterbys. I'm not such a good photographer I got a lot of shots. But I loved them floating around me.

Much of the Tract is agricultural pine. Not rich with critters. 

The natural forest is a heck of a lot more beautiful.

Our cypress needles are slowly turning nail-rust-red.

This I where you'll find me after the zombie apocalypse. Wandering around with my zombie pals.

Just liked this shot. Don't ask me why.


  1. If I had to be a zombie I'd like to be in the middle of a forest.

  2. Butterflies are such a joy to watch. I expect you have a number of places you can disappear in come the apocalypse.

  3. Butterflies are ephemeral magic - and very, very difficult to photograph well.
    Love your post apocalypse home.

  4. The butterfly photo is beautiful. It says calm and peace to me.

  5. Ha! Ha! You're one of my favorite photographers!

  6. butterflies are not so easy to photograph!! i think you have a good eye, you take great pictures. it isn't all about perfection, it is more about the feeling people get when they view your images. like the soul of your captures!!!

  7. Love that flutterby! AND your creativity! :-)

  8. Those woods look like a great place to wander.