Monday, June 20, 2016

Went to Pick up my Banged up Bike

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. I visited my neighborhood bicycle master...happened to have my camera with me. If you live in Tampa and drop by the shop on Central Avenue, tell Jordan that Mac said hi.

This is Jordan

He sells bikes.

Has a bunch to choose from.

Maybe you're into antiques

Or just need a new frame.

This is Radar, Jordan's assistant manager. He doesn't say much.

Need a jersey? 

The missus waiting paitently

Jordan has bikes for the smallest tykes.


  1. Banged up bike? I hope you are ok.

  2. Hope your bike is okay.
    You too of course :)

  3. This post takes me back. We had a huge bike shop where I used to live. When I was a kid I loved going in there and looking at all the different bike parts. I bought lots of stuff from them.

  4. What an interesting shop. I like the assistant manager too.

  5. See now I'd come just to visit Radar! Hehehe! Nah bike stores are fun, especially when necessary!

  6. The bikemaster is in. Hi Jordan. radar looks like he means business.

  7. you can photograph anything and make it look interesting, artsy and creative. i enjoyed all the colors!!!

  8. Great shots of the bike shop. Bikes sure have changed since I was a kid riding my basic CCM brand bike all over the neighbourhood. Our grands have Striders - pedal-less bikes to help them balance and with no brakes, only their feet! I've seen the ones with the fat tires on them here too. I do like the vintage bike you showed. Have a Happy Summer.

  9. That asitant manager looks as though he knows what's what.