Sunday, January 3, 2016

Headstones and Deep Thoughts for the Young Year

Greetings. I enjoy stopping by in old cemeteries. Makes me think a lot. Of all the untold stories. The hardships, the joys. Many of the headstones were illegible. The dates remind me how young our nation is. Just a few generations back, our forefathers were fighting a brutal civil war. Few in the south escaped horrendous hardships.

Over half of the headstones were in this shape or worse. Many just a stone marker with no history.

Deepest respect for the family able to care for long lost relatives (Definitely not the original headstones.)

A child and his/her parents. 

Martha and Robert were probably grandparents during the Civil War.

Born during the Civil War.

I found it sad they didn't know the day of his birth.


  1. I am endlessly fascinated by old cemeteries. If only those stones could talk...

  2. It's a shame those old headstones can't be cleaned and restored, maybe by some historical society?
    I love wandering around in cemeteries, but haven't done it for a long while, way back in pre-camera days.

  3. Cool series on the cemetery and gravestones. I kind of like the lichen and moss on the stones. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  4. History and lots of untold stories buried deep. Warm greetings!

  5. i understand what you are saying and totally respect it, but i really dislike cemeteries. you photographed it well!!

  6. Me too! Every stones are a life story. Very spectacular collection.

  7. I am a fan of cemeteries, too. So many stories, and photos to capture.

  8. They are all in good condition, you need to see some of the headstones here in the UK

    1. Did I they remind me how young our nation is? :)

  9. I keep meaning to visit a large cemetery near to me. They hold tours, and have a lot of links to local history.