Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Florida Snapshots Series (6)

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. Thanks to our Veterans for their sacrifices.

This ticked off four of my requirements for good shots; beautiful person, pony tail, cool hat, bright color. Just saying.

I couldn't get a better angle of this gator, durn it. He was cute.

Important to look up.

You might see an unexpected light house. Didn't know we had those in Florida, did ya?

Why did I take this shot?

I like neon signs


It was a little dreary under the board walk, but they cheered it up with some lovely color, didn't they?

Oh, oh, oh...more color

I think this fella was loved. Didn't have to burn his little feet on the asphalt. 


  1. a nice array of florida life.

  2. No subliminal messages this post?
    Love the colour.

  3. More information on the gator needed. Loved the colour under the boardwalk - no blankets for your baby, though?

  4. I like the color under the boardwalk. What's the gator's story?

    1. Well, we have gators everywhere here in Florida. There’s a body of water about every ten feet. Very common to walk out and find one in your pool. In Tampa in February we have a series of parades (adult, children, real-adult at night in Ybor City) celebrating Jose Gaspar, a local pirate in the day…we call it Gasparilla. Runs a lot like Mardi Gras. Beads are a staple. So you get two local icons in one shot.


  5. Great series as always! I love the gator and the cute pup!
    Enjoy your day!

  6. Hmmm ... The Pirate Ship at "John's Pass" ... seems like something I should check out.

  7. A walk with you as you see things to take a photo the dog..

  8. Gosh for me, it's all about the cute pup and the cool gator!

  9. Okay, which area is that because I may have walked through there, but not sure.

  10. Oh your a hoot! Some humor makes it even better. Great takes as usual.