Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Safari - St Pete North Shore

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. From a May 10 hike on the St. Pete Bay side.

Flora Wylie Park...a perfectly calm Tampa Bay

Where I'd like to live (not on one of the docks)

I just loved this lady's hair.

The soon to be demolished St Pete Pier.

This gent slipped me a ten to take his picture.

Just was only a buck. Boy that's how to be comfortable at the park, eh?

This is a still shot. Yeah, the birds were really still.

They tittered as I got closer.

Most just turned their back to me. 

 Nice folk playing volleyball. The sport is too grainy for me. There is the sweating thing, too.

Mac being artsy

I paid these guys a buck to give me an exciting foreground. 

Adalbert said, "Qvack." (means caw in Polish)

Louise from another beach. She followed me.

Louise complained she needs a pedicure. 

Hortense complained she needed a breeze

I'm saying, I could live on that boat. 

A cake topper from the Vinoy Renaissance. 

This is the life, I'm tellin' ya.

I sat down to chat with this lad, but he was OCD...just kept staring at his newspaper. things.

...On a pretty tree. (Why does the sky wash out like that?)


  1. The cake topper is amazing. Bizarre - but amazing.

  2. Great series! I always enjoy the birds. I would like to live there too. The tree blossoms are beautiful. Happy Sunday!

  3. Hi Mac, Great variety! I wondered if the $1 for the exciting foreground was the same $1 the guy paid for getting his picture taken? :-)

  4. The hammock does seem a better idea than leaping about and getting sand stuck everywhere.

  5. I'm saying, fabulous shots!

  6. Entertaining shots (and captions too!)