Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Safari - Lake Rogers Park

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. Lake Rogers Park is a wonderful place for joggers. If you live within driving distance, you ottta try it.

Take the load off and relax.

Why is this freak tasing this poor dog?

I think that is racist. I'm just saying.

Didn't I say this is a wonderful place to jog?

I'm trading my hikers for runners and going back soon.

Idyllic setting while you fill the lungs. 

Or just enjoy nature.

Like I said...great place to jog. 

They are really afraid we'll get lost.

Park managers really have a sense of humor.

No swimming [feeding the gators out right]...No bicycling [so the gators have a chance]

Why ya suppose this oak took a 90degree turn?

Hope you're not wearing white.

I love dogs...but this ten ounce pooch scared me to death.

I said they have a sense of humor.

I really have a hankerin' to go for a run.


  1. Looks like a great trail for jogging, walking or running.. Just watch out for the critters, right? Lovely views and scenes.. Have a happy Sunday!

  2. WoW, looks like a great spot for you and the pups!!! at the shore, horses are allowed on all the paths, which I love but the owners don't clean up after them. that really bothers me, they should wear one of those slings to catch it!!

    wonderful pics today!!!

  3. That's a neat trail and scenic bliss for all of the above..well..except for gater feeding. LOL! Have a great Sunday.

  4. je hebt weer veel plezier gehad,

  5. Looks a better place for taking pictures and relaxing than for running to me - but then so does most of the planet!

  6. Quick grab that Taser! I so like their sense of humor, of course living and working in that gorgeous unbelievable everyday magical kingdom it's easy!

  7. I enjoy the walk in the park and your sense of humour too. It's a beautiful spot to enjoy nature. I hope you got out for a run there.

  8. Gotta love those carvings.. I wonder how many were startled by that wolf? And your remarks had me snickering through the post full of fine photos. That would be a great place for a wander.. running, sitting.. or otherwise.

  9. Do joggers see and appreciate the magic as they flash past?
    It does look like a wonderful place to walk, to stop, to savour...

  10. beautiful scenery Mac and just let me say in regards to the "horse prohibited" sign.

    Would you really like to be jogging along those beautiful paths and run in horse hockey???? :>)

  11. My favorite is the shot with the fence in it. I feel an overwhelming urge to go push the piece that's just leaning, but I'm a city boy and probably wasn't raised right. Congratulations on your POTW nof over at Hillary's!