Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snapshots - Here and There

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer. An odd collection of photos today...a few taking a break with the pups [Dec 13], and a few from a trip to the beach.

The sycamore is hanging on.

Lucy standing at the edge of her territory, looking hopefully over at Kilo's place. He never came out to play :(

Okay, so I'll study who has come by.

Always so many good smells along the sidewalk.

Molly is mourning the loss of Gracie still. It's been four days.

I had to go give her a hug.

The following shots aren't that interesting in themselves. As a camera bug...I enjoyed watching the process of this photographer and his model setting up. The sun had already set. It was around 59 degrees with a stiff breeze off the bay. She couldn't have been comfortable, ya think?

Boom, they were set up.

Click click click

And five minutes later they were heading for their own cars.


  1. As always, interesting photos. I can see why you love Lucy. What a sweet dog!

  2. It was many days before my guys returned to normal. Everyone missed Tank. His mom most of all. :(

  3. Molly does look sad. Give her a hug from me too. MB

  4. I love Lucy's pink bandanna!!

  5. It is interesting and fun to watch a professional photographer set up these kinds of shoots. I'm sure it wasn't comfortable to be in bathing suits. LOL!

    Four days? Awww. Poor Molly. I have Great Danes and when Magic lost his mother (she was 15+) he grieved for months. He howled mournfully and it was awful. I spent a lot of time with him. Each animal is different, as are people, in the grieving process. When I lost my Jax, *her* babies, three of my cats, walked around the house looking for her for weeks. They'd lay in her bed too.

    Hope Molly is feeling better soon.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  6. Click click click, you were having a good time.

  7. She must be from Minnesota! I've seen that around here at 59 degrees without a photographer shooting! Oh poor Lucy, it brought tears to my eyes reading it, and I can see her tear stained face. Poor baby, hug her today for me too! Just because!

    1. I meant to say Molly and Lucy! ;)

  8. Poor Molly. And tell Lucy that she looks dashing in her pink.

    I read once where they had actors suck on ice cubes so they could do winter ocean shots and pretend it was summer.

  9. Not odd but beautiful.
    And no, the model no doubt wasn't comfortable - unless she planned on warming herself on her paycheck.
    Poor Molly. And you. I have no doubt you both still hurt.