Monday, December 1, 2014

Snapshots - Just Snapshots

Greetings From the Hermit-Writer. Happy December.

Fall colors in background

The sycamore in foreground

Lucy checking out the local smells

Cool fungus

The post needed a name. I would have selected R2D2.

Practicing my angles. (Or I just had a crick in my neck)

Molly in her Thanksgiving color.

Lucy too. I don't know why I didn't get a shot of Gracie.

The neighbor cat does not like to see my pups out off leash. Look at those green eyes. Makes me wish I had a few cats inside. (Lucy would love that.)

I over shoot the irises...but I like them.

The neighbor's pets were out. I'm not sure what they are. Legs too long to be gerbils. They're about 4" tall. Some kind of monkeys maybe. 


  1. I love all the dogs! Especially Molly and Lucy! Have a great day!

  2. Cats will keep those dogs amused. I have a pair who come in from my stable when it gets cold. I have a pet door that allows all to go in and out.

  3. haha. little pups vs. your big pups. :)

  4. Great photos! I like the irises too, and oh, what green kitty eyes.

  5. they are really pretty but the first one is spectacular!!! I always enjoy the pups, no matter the size!!!!

  6. Happy December indeed, your first shot is just bursting in glory of color! Your girls- well the two of them- hehehe, are lovely in their Thanksgiving wear- but the last photo, too cute! Happiness to you too, Mr. Hermit Writer.

  7. So many warm, rich colours in these photos. I especially love the critters.. they always make such sweet subjects.