Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday Snapshots


We got up early...

...hopped one exit down the interstate

...we weren't heading to get any exercise, but these folks were...

There was supposed to be rain...Opening day...Bucs and the Panthers.

We got to our destination...for BREAKFAST.

It was OPEN

We didn't sit at the counter...took a booth

I enjoyed the infinity by the facing mirrors.

Afterward we drove by RayJay...where I mentioned the Bucs would be playing the Panthers.

Stopped for some pet supplies.

Went next door can guess.

Must have been expecting the college crowd.

On the way home...I relaxed...enjoyed the sky.


  1. That was your day, lovely.

  2. Sounds like a fun afternoon. Love the infinity shot. You got creative with several of these!

  3. Your first and your last photos make my heart sing. Thank you.

  4. First, I dig your trip of photos, a lot. What a great day to frolic about possibly a ghost town tour?. Especially in Target. Where oh where were all the shoppers I wonder? I don't really follow sports, unless it's really close to home (in the family) Hehehe so not sure did the Bucs win?

  5. A fun day and some cool images!! I ride for fun, never for exercise!!

  6. Sometimes you just need to do out for breakfast!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne