Monday, September 30, 2013

Becoming Brigid by Lisa Shafer

From a fellow writer and blog buddy. a paranormal adventure -- with a hint of romance, targeted for 14+ audience:

Pepper Kircy has definite plans for her future.  And she thinks she knows everything about her life -- at least until she meets Dougal, a man with way too much information about a past she doesn’t remember.   Suddenly, her geeky, ghost-hunting dad and her mortician neighbors aren’t quite as ordinary as they seem.  But then, neither is Pepper. 

Dougal’s tempting.  He quotes poetry and insists on calling Pepper by the name she never uses: Brigid.  Soon, she can’t get him out of her dreams.  So, in spite of all his weird talk about a missing goddess and a long-lost stone, she could really like this guy.  Maybe even enough to change her precious plans.

If he'd just stop trying to kill her....

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  1. Sounds quite interesting!

  2. Pepper Kircy--what a great character name! LOL, that's a nice twist there at the end of the summary (If he'd just stop trying to kill her.) Sounds like a fun and intriguing read!