Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Safari - Urban El Paso

Hello from the Hermit-writer

Another urban safari today, around downtown El Paso, including along the international bridge, Union Station.... Hope you enjoy the pix

The international bridge between Juarez and El Paso

Have a great week. ___(If you would like to get a link in the mail on Sunday, drop me a note.)

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  1. Nice opening to this awesome post! The birds hanging around are especially a treat, and the lamp post are so cool, they remind me of growing up and my mother's rule of getting home in the summer when they came on! Your depot and train and switching tracks are even pretty in color! The lights stand out nicely. It really is a pretty town, and I could see getting lots of muse for your writing, just hanging about walking the streets and admiring it all! Of course the mountains are the best architecture there!