Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Safari - Franklin Mountains State Park

Gorgeous, bright morning that about burned my Floridian eyes out of their sockets. Hope you enjoy the pictures of the rugged mountains where I was born.

Molly's feet haven't adjusted to Texas' gravel and thorns. She's cute in her booties, don't you think?

I'm coming back without Molly and going rock climbing.

A lot of peaks to choose from.

You find a lot of different colors in the Franklins.

"Come on Dad, hurry up. Now that I have boots, you can't keep up, huh?"

In this picture you can see territory in Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico. (The knob of a hill center-frame is Mount Christo Rey. A statue of Jesus on the peak can be seen thirty miles away. Squint...and you might see it.)

Lots of fodder for hard exercise. (Another day. Don't think Molly is up to it.)

Texas can battle Montana for the right to be called the Big Country.

Anyone for some repelling...or climbing?

Half the Sherrif's office was out here.

Molly patiently waiting for me.

 Before the Rio Grande was dammed and her water shifted to irrigation ditches, in the spring she would flow miles across. If you look close, you can see her original banks, from the sandy-colored line in the background, to the change of topography you can note in the nearer foreground.
It's dry here. I miss my humid woods.

Have a great week.


  1. Beautiful pictures! It reminds me a little of southwestern Utah where I live. So glad you thought of boots for Molly!

  2. Reminds me a lot of much of the scenery where I live. I find that stark majesty beautiful.

  3. Beautiful. I love all the colors of the mountains.