Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pix -- Skinny Dipping On the River

61, slightly overcast, could only have been better if I had a golf club in my hand.

(Be sure to click on a picture to drop into a slide presentation, to enjoy the quality of the photos)

 Lucy Made a friend
 Low tide
 Give me a fishing pole
 Who needs a Prozac?
 Feels just right.

 Frodo toes needs a trimming.


  1. Okay, the title of this post may have had me slightly nervous :-)

  2. Okay, only the dogs were skinny dipping. Damn.

  3. Betcha this post becomes one of your number ones for getting the most hits over the next few months/years. And betcha most of those hits will have disappointed readers. :)

  4. Thanks for the tip of the slide show. These are stunning pictures, and also pretty useful. My present wip set in an alternative America in the 1720s, involves a series of river journies. Such pics are grist to the muse. I just muses like grists.