Friday, October 20, 2017

Shots to Knock your Socks Off

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. From here and there.

Percy the Pelican, cruising on a foggy Gulf morning

Horace the heron at Rogers Park, early sun

Miss Tizzy Lynne

First sun under a foggy Ft. Desoto sky

Uncle Moe baiting his hook

Fancy Feet Freddie

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Today's Favorite Passage

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. Still editing just dead.

“About priorities,” he said. “Your status reports will help us—she’s giving me that look again.”

“Best to stop talking when she does that,” Flynn whispered.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Snaps Here and There

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. I'm busy editing just dead. But here's some from the archives.

Come on in...the water's great.

Don't believe him.

It's salt water...but safer.

Sun's comin' up

Eeeyup...better put on the sun screen.

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Greetings from the Hermit Writer. Finished a great historical novel last night I'm excited to recommend to those who love adventure and history. The antagonist is goodly-evil, the protagonist naively good. So if you love the middle ages...

The author's blurb:

A wild land, too mountainous to be tamed by plows...A Duke of the Holy Roman Empire, his cunning overshadowed only by his ambition...A young Priestess of the Old Religion, together with a charismatic outlaw, sparking a rebellion from deep within the forests...And an ex-Hospitaller caught between them all.
At the end of the thirteenth century, five hundred orphans and second sons are rounded up from villages in the Alpine countryside and sold to the Hospitaller Knights of St John. Trained to serve as Soldiers of Christ, they fight in eastern lands they know nothing about, for a cause they do not understand.
Thomas Schwyzer, released from his vows by the Grandmaster of the Hospitallers, returns to the land of his birth a stranger. Once a leader of men, and captain of the Order's most famous war galley, he now settles into the simple life of a ferryman. He believes this new role to be God's reward for years of faithful service fighting the Infidel in Outremer.
Seraina, considered a witch by most, a healer by some, is a young woman with a purpose. A Priestess of the Old Religion, and the last Druid disciple of the Helvetii Celts, she has been gifted by the Great Weave to see what others cannot. Her people need her guidance and protection now more than ever. For Duke Leopold of Habsburg, in his efforts to control the St. Gotthard Pass, builds a great Austrian fortress in Altdorf. Once finished, the Habsburg occupation will be complete, but the atrocities visited upon her people will have just begun.

I forgot. The price is right! $.00 [buy here]

Friday, October 13, 2017

Looking 4 Feedback on the ALL IMPORTANT Blurb

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. I've typed 'The End' for my current work in process. There are three elements which sell a novel. A-a great Cover; B-a great cover Blurb; C-a kick butt story.

If you would help with with Part B...I would appreciate it. Here are some draft-options. What rings kind of cool...what doesn't?

1-A sociopath groomed Aran to be a murder-for-hire planner from the time she was a toddler. Her sole nurturer was a mob madam. Aran’s background transferred well as a crime analyst with the Florida state police, as long as they keep looking the other way, but elements of the mob won’t let her go. Working in the FDLE’s organized crime unit makes it hard to hide, and life evolves from complicated to tedious.

2-Groomed as an assassin’s planner by a sociopath makes Aran Papadakis an excellent crime analyst for the Florida state police. Though highly educated, her lack of empathy makes it hard to fit in among the passionate she finds herself among. The hitmen that keep showing up doesn’t make life easier. Pros and cons come with her mob connections—the pros want to hire her; the cons want her dead.

3-Aran Papadakis has killed a lot of mobsters. Many of them were sent to kill her. A few she was hired to cap. Others got in the way. Dual roles as mob hitman and crime analyst present difficult loyalties, but efficiencies. An absence of empathy aids her in both. It’s hard for her kind to have a normal life. Harder for those around her.

4-Aran has millions offshore from her mother’s business, killing for the mob. Her background doesn’t scare off her CPA pal who’s laundering it for her. He sees something in her she can’t. Lacking an iota of empathy doesn’t keep her from wanting to keep him alive, but the hitmen keep coming. She wanted a convenient contact in law enforcement but somehow the jerk wrangled her into working for the other side. Her life is very confusing.

5-Her mother was a mob hitman, nanny her mother’s madam. Brutalized, terrorized her whole life, she isn’t exactly normal. No empathy, social or communication skills, she somehow builds a small network of friends, all of whom may not be what they seem. Having connections to the mob has its pros and cons. The pros want to hire her, the cons come to kill her.

(merging a couple)-Aran Papadakis has killed a lot of mobsters. Many who came to kill her. A few side contracts. Others simply stood in her way. Dual roles as hitman and crime analyst present difficult loyalties, but efficiencies. An absence of empathy aids her in both. Having connections to organized crime has its pros and cons. The pros want to hire her, the cons come to kill her.

All feedback appreciated.  T h a n k . . . y o u . . . for your time.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Patsy Collins -- Leave Nothing But Footprints

My Bestie accross the pond has released her newest title today. I hope you'll all go out and buy her book...or at least visit her blog and wish her good luck:

Leave Nothing But Footprints is a romance. A lot of the action takes place, in a campervan, in South Wales. There are photographers, lovely views, yummy food, long walks, wildflowers, deer, mud, cocktails, beaches... The research was soooo tough!

Jessica Borlase always gets what she wants. From cocktails in the exact shade of her manicure, holiday on Capri with friends, to a spacious apartment, her father's money makes it possible. She enjoys the luxurious lifestyle and is grateful for his support, but frustrated to always be treated as Daddy's pampered little girl. She tries to break free, by leaving Borlase Enterprises and studying photography.

Now what Jess wants is the utterly gorgeous Eliot Beatty; a world famous photographer who often uses his talents to benefit conservation projects. Her father attempts to bribe Eliot into taking Jess on an assignment in order to teach her the skills she'll need to develop a career. Although annoyed at the interference, she's delighted to discover this means two weeks with Eliot in the beautiful countryside of South Wales and close confines of a campervan. Trouble is, the man can't be bought.

Jess eventually manages to persuade Eliot to take her. She believes she can earn his respect and that she's ready for the hard work, long hours and living conditions far short of those she's used to. She's wrong on all counts. Can Jess learn to cope with the realities of the trip, and is Eliot really worth the effort?

Did I mention the price is dandy? 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Greetings. A great lady and writer-friend has released a YA book I'd like y'all to look at. This is Book 2 of a series. To entice you, you can get Book 1 for free if you subscribe to Carol's newsletter. But even if you have no one in your home that reads YA...go visit Carol and give her a whoop whoop. We writers need all the whoop whoop we can get.

About Nightmare Realization

On New Year’s Eve, 2019, Tony Rodriguez thought it would be fun to attend Stefanie Anders’ annual celebration bash. It was pretty awesome—until he and four others accidentally opened up a portal into another dimension and got sucked into it.

Now the five of them have been branded by a strange triangular mark on their right forearms. They survived their bizarre trip to a landscape built by Mari’s best dreams and worst nightmares, and thought their dangerous adventures were over.

They couldn’t have been more wrong.

This time it’s Tony’s turn to visit a landscape created by his subconscious mind. In a gritty urban setting, he and the others must avoid capture by the ruthless sect of black-cloaked people called Shifters—and stay alive long enough to get back to the real world.

Monday, October 9, 2017

More Archive Shots

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

My buddy, Wade

Dom Delouise the Heron

Boy, I haven't ridden much since I went over the handlebars and broke my ribs

Sweet, sweet bunnie

Color on the Hillsborough River

Friday, October 6, 2017

Shots from the Archive

Greetings from the Hermit Writer. Have a great weekend.

Louie Louie


The Marigol Singers

A sleepy Harvey

Romelia, hunting for her keys