Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pix - Sunday Safari - Cypress Point Park

Molly is still lame from slicing her foot last Sunday at the beach, so I walked the other two dogs early then went exploring by myself for new dog-friendly parks I can take them when they all are up for exploring. Visited Cypress Point and Skyway Parks. Hope you enjoy the pix.

-R. Mac Wheeler

Friday, May 25, 2012

I Have 3, FIVE STAR Reviews

I decided last summer to self-publish. Put my first series, BLACK LAKE, in Amazon and B&N last November, and have been furiously editing my other 14 novels since. I haven't paid any attention to sales, or reviews. My focus…get my 18 novels available, then worry about marketing them.

I should have at least checked in…because I have 3, FIVE STAR reviews for PKM, WHEEZY, and SEEKER…from February!

Let me tell you I'm struggling to breathe!!

Persona Kory Mae Review
Wheezy Review
Seeker Review 
-R. Mac Wheeler
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More Tired Expressions Found in Blurbs

I'm on a mission. Annihilate all those worn out expressions and clichés. I found the following in blurbs just the last few days. (In BLURBS!! That has to be our crispest writing! Evil. Evil)
1.     A storm is brewing
2.     Turns upside down
3.     Their only hope
4.     Once and for all
5.     Let the dust settle
6.     One step ahead
7.     Takes the reader on a wild ride
8.     Fasten your seat belt
9.     A problem arises (just plain dull)
10.  Spins out of control
11.  Leaves his safe life behind
12.  Confront his past
13.  Best laid plans
-R. Mac Wheeler
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pix - No Wednesday n da Wuds 2day

Sunday, Molly sliced her foot at the beach. She's hobbling around. I first thought she'd hurt her shoulder jumping from the truck. I never saw any blood until Monday night. Poor baby.

-R. Mac Wheeler
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Need an Image? /Bigstock

My image source of choice sent me an offer the other day that you can take advantage of if you are like me and don't download a lot of images.
Simply forward this email or share the link below on your favorite forum, blog or social network to give your friends 50% off any image. In appreciation, you'll also get 50% off any image when they make a purchase.
To activate this promotion, ask your friends to start shopping using this special link 
*Valid for new customers only using Pay As You Go.
-R. Mac Wheeler
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Anecdotal Evidence FREE is Hurting Us

When you see if firsthand, it may make a bigger impression. For all of you authors giving away your hard work for free, consider this discourse. 
My wife was talking with a peer at work about her new Kindle. "You know, all of my husband's work is available on Kindle."
"I'm not buying anything. There are more free downloads than I'll ever read."
My beef isn't with freebie short stories, even novellas that promote your work. Every time you give away a free, full-length novel, you eliminate a sale from someone. 
-R. Mac Wheeler
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pix - Sunday Safari on the Beach

Awesome blue sky; 77 degrees; Gandy Beach

 (click a picture if you're not in a see better quality presentation)

Baff time

Have a great week.
-R. Mac Wheeler
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Call for Beta Readers / Reviews

I will be putting Two Brothers Two Shadows into Kindle format within the week, to complete my final edit pass before publishing.
Please drop me a note at rmacwheeler (at) gmail (dot) com if you would like to beta read.
Do you write reviews? Does the blurb below sound interesting? Want a copy? Consider posting a review on B&N or Amazon and you can have one.  
Half-brothers John Ruud and Tony Rollins are as distinct in personality as two raised under the same dysfunctional roof can be. One is an introverted, suicidal underachiever, the other a talented athlete, focused and driven student. Once best friends, they grow to resent and hate each other.
One sells dope. One is senior-class president. One commits murder and the other goes to war. Their diverged paths writhe chaotically into a future neither planned, their careers seemingly chosen by others, always at odds. Fate determined by mistaken identity and a friend's death.
The women who love them bizarrely weave their lives together.
-R. Mac Wheeler
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Today's Favorite Passage

The assignment was to write a culture piece about Middletown and the college. Not knowing the area, and having spent thirty not-too-enlightening minutes on campus thus far, he relied upon one bit of knowledge he did posses.
From hanging around with his dad, who was on first name basis with too many, bartenders were always a good source of local news, scandal, and hype. Or as his dad would say, fly-covered crap. In the afternoon or very late at night when they weren't busy, they were always willing to talk your ear off.

Two Brothers Two Shadows, coming soon.
-R. Mac Wheeler
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pix - Wednesday in the Woods

Late posting. I think I got heat stroke out there, and came home delerius. Thankfully the rain finally rolled in late afternoon...that wonderful kind of rain we don't get often here in Florida, the kind that doesn't run off, but soaks in. Ahhh. The grass and stuff is smiling this AM.

For those of you who live outside the deep south...that's some serious Spanish Moss. park benches

Anyone know what this is? There are several in our park now.

-R. Mac Wheeler
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today's Favorite Passage

Standing so close to the exotic girl from Ohio, a cinderblock lodged in his left lung. He wasn't even sure where Ohio was. Up north somewhere, since his dad called Eunice a damn Yankee. Had to be from a large city. Yankee to John equated to someone from New York City, or a place like it. He was shocked when she admitted she came from a city much smaller than El Paso. Smaller than El Paso was something like Clint, or Fabens. That's where hicks lived. She didn't look like a hick.
Hicks couldn't have boobs like that.
-R. Mac Wheeler
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Worn Out Expressions

Ladies and Gents. Do NOT use clichés/worn-out expressions in your blurbs/queries/synopses. Examples I've found in the last few days:
1. Haunted by
2. Race against time
3. Stop at nothing
4. Gritty streets
5. Lightning-paced
6. Eye for trouble
7. Hopes are dashed
8. Everything she holds dear
9. A sweeping story
10. Caught in the middle
Don't TELL! Show.
To Be Continued. 
-R. Mac Wheeler
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pix - Sunday Safari with the Gators

Gorgeous morning, though overcast; 77 degrees. Saw three different gators. I don't know how the pups know which ponds they need to stay out of, but they do.

 (click a picture to drop into a higher res presentation)


Gracie is photogenic...isn't she?

I like trees

See the gator slipping into the water on the far side of the pond?

This guy is about five feet long

What can I say...I just like trees

Hope yall having a great weekend. And have a great week.
-R. Mac Wheeler
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