Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Cruz Tablet

I'm excited about my first technology purchase in ages. Taking the full-time-writing plunge, and quitting the day job has meant not buying a lot of man-toys the last couple of years. I told Dina I would buy a Kindle when they dropped below $75. They aren't quite there, but Dina says she's going to buy herself a Kindle for Christmas. So we'll have both a tablet and a reader. Woohoo.

I won't say my Cruz rocks. It more like crawls, but since I'm going to use it more as a reader than a tablet, that's cool. (My brother's IPad croaked on him. So was spending an extra $400 worth it?) I purchased my Cruz at RadioShack on sale for $149. I'm cheap. Got more functionality for my money, and I'm satisfied with the speed/slow.

I read inside, never sit at a pool, so I love the TFT. I can read in bed with the nightstand light off. Dina loves that.

I've got my music.

Alas, it's twice as heavy as the Kindle, but I'm a manly man. I can handle it.

Alas-deux, haven't figured out if there's a way to transfer the books I have on my computer's Kindle app to my Cruz. Gotta be a way.

Alas-trois, the buy-with-one-click is glitchy. It frequently get's hung up on an unnecessary sign-in screen.

Other than that, I love not holding back the wings of a book, and taking care to slide a marker to keep my place when I fall asleep on the couch.