Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Newest Title is now on Amazon


The remnants of society rot. The privileged get a five-hundred calorie meal pack every day. The dead are dumped in landfills, or left where they fall. Thirty-three years after extremists released the engineered virus, the Centers for Disease Control is the last governing body. The transition from finding a cure to administering what is left, never set well with anyone. The resentment may drive the rumors of conspiracy. But too many CDC administrators survive, and any focus of finding a cure appears abandoned.

Jason Kates believes he’s searching for a way to feed the starving that remain in the Eastern cities, but his assignment to cross the lawless lands to reach the American heartland may be a pretense to get him killed. He's an outsider to the CDC hierarchy, and there are dangerous secrets to be kept.

Clueless to what he's facing, and suicidal, Jason partners with a road-wise girl who tries to carjack him. He needs the value of her harsh experiences. She needs the nutrition bars he carries. Their sarcasm-laced relationship grows as they careen through evermore dangerous obstacles. They discover little more than empty prairie until they stumble upon the proof of conspiracy, which propels Jason into a far more challenging role.

Download NEW ORDER APOCALYPSE from Amazon today.

Regards, R. Mac Wheeler   
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Cover by Calista Taylor

Today's Favorite Passage

"This is like pouring earthworms in your gas tank because you want to be green," she said softly.
"That mean you aren't feeling optimistic?" he asked.
She looked at his gorgeous eyes until the cashier held out her change. They walked toward the double doors of the entrance, and she tried her most diplomatic answer. "The world is screwed, and our best hope is an anti-social autistic dude with a horrible attitude that makes everyone want to slap him."
From Cockroach Crusade (which is looking for a new title) –cover: to-date mock up 

Regards, R.Mac Wheeler   
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Monday, December 26, 2011

Guest--Author J.C. Phelps

I’ve been told one of the worst things you can do, other than describe the weather, is start off a novel and maybe a blog post, with an introduction to the character.
I did that in my first book, Color Me Grey, and I’m going to do it here.  Yeah, I suck.
My name is JC Phelps and I entered the self-publishing world back in 2004 – before Kindle/Nook.
It’s been one heck of a ride and something new always crops up.  For example, writing guest posts.  As if anyone wants to know what I have to say.  But, this is Mac!  I have to try.  Be interesting.  No pressure, nuh uhh…
He said I could write about anything I wanted to, so I will.  First of all I will give all you aspiring authors a rule that you should never break and then I will give you a reason to break it.
First, the rule:
DON’T read your reviews, but if you must - NEVER respond to a negative review. 
Now, a reason to not always follow the rules:
I met Mac when I was doing a Google search for my books/name.  Yes, I like to know what people think of my books. 
This post came up: Click
I immediately fell in love with Mac.  Okay, it took me a full paragraph to fall head over heels.  (Since we are both happily married, my little internet-crush is okay.  I double-checked with my hubby.)
This is the beginning of his second paragraph:  “One of those novels I downloaded for free made me hyperventilate. I had found a new,  favorite author.”
Oh. My. Gosh.  This was the best praise I had ever received and from some one I didn’t know.  I was so excited.  Then I read further.  Ha!  Mac pointed out several flaws and then threatened me!  No joke! 
Here’s proof:
“…I may have to hunt her down and bludgeon her about the head and shoulders.”
I read my reviews.  I don’t have anyone else to read them for me and I’m snoopy.  So, the first part of that rule broken, I broke the second part. 
Mac pushed me over the edge.  He toyed with my emotions.  He had me so happy one moment and then looking over my shoulder the next.  I had to respond. 
Granted, the review was actually a very good one, so the response wasn’t a complete break of the rule.  But, the fact that he seemed a little menacing was too much for me to resist.  A girl likes a little danger from time to time.
I’m very happy he threatened me, otherwise I might not have been compelled to comment to thank him for his review.  What I like to think of as a great relationship has grown from his generosity, honesty and humor.
The two of us email back and forth and help each other with whatever we can.  A very fruitful relationship has been building over these past months that I hope will continue once Mac becomes rich and famous.  It’s who you know and not what you know, after all.
So, in conclusion, follow your heart before you follow the rules – as long as it’s in good humor.
Thanks for the opportunity to tell this story, Mac.  It is one of my favorites I’ve collected during my publishing journey.

Blog:  http://jcphelps.blogspot.com
Amazon author page:  amazon.com/author/jcphelps
My Facebook info: (Author fan page) http://www.facebook.com/AuthorJCPhelps
Author Profile page:  http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001056462125

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Free Books

 Just me mulling things, after downloading a few more free books.

Is it just me, or do you get the feeling too many authors are giving too many books away?

A mentor of mine is really big on the marketing of her brand via a free book.

But…uh…with so many free ones out there, there's really not a lot of reasons for readers to buy books. I mean…I can look at the titles on my Kindle. I've downloaded more free titles than I'll probably every be able to read.

With so many sitting there to read…I'm not motivated to buy my peers' books. Why should anyone buy mine?

Oh, I understand the logic. It puts your name out there, and if they like your style, your characters, your humor…they'll buy more. But what if they have 300 free ones on their Kindle right now, like I do?

I'm just asking.

R. Mac Wheeler
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My Cind uv Christmas Pix

Proof Lucy will get into the water.

I know...you've seen Molly in the water lots of times.

Just a drop-dead, beautiful day

Sky, trees and the river. What more you need on Christmas?

Gratuitous arty pic1

Gratuitous arty pic2

Gratuitous arty pic3

Gratuitous arty pic4

That snail was as big as my hand

Another gratuitous, arty picture

Yeah, Molly likes it in the water

Yep...hard to get her out.

Proof Dina will visit MY church

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wearing Nothing but a Christmas Scarf

The girls, me and Dina, wish yall a very Merry Christmas

Feliz Navidad

Who's walking around on Christmas Eve?

Skulknig out of the lillies

Cutting into my nap time, Dad

Ummm...tastes pretty good

Mom, why'd you hafta buy Dad a new camera?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Caught Naked in the River

Throw a stick, or sumtin, Dad!

Wadda you smell?

I dunno. Wadda you smell.

I smell me a varmit.

And the woods are a funny place for broken down benches.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Announceing SEEker is on Amazon

An autistic man living in a group home, a slacker, and two brothers with an ocean under the bridge between them are an unexpected foursome recovering bail jumpers and fugitives. More unexpected, their success. And luck staying alive.

It helps that one of them has a little unnatural help.

And that he can hack any computer network.

SEEker tilts with masculine wise cracking, guns, weight rooms, and basketball gyms, balanced with the sentiment of tough guys accepting a challenged man and his wimpy friend, insight in what creates bonds between men. There's gratuitous lusting, shooting, falling in love, shooting, pickup trucks, shooting, a sexy FBI agent, beefy men, and of course an evil antagonist.

SEEker is a suspense, adventure, paranormal, bounty hunter tale that leaves open the possibility that the dork can get the babe.

SEEker is a great holiday read. J
Download it from Amazon today.

Regards, R. Mac Wheeler  
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Cover by Calista Taylor

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pix -- Sunday Morning Hike

Yep. Molly found water to swim in. These photos are from a business park northeast of Tampa, near I-75. Beautiful 65 degree morning, absolutely gorgeous sun.