Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Need Your Feedback

Greetings. I'm considering a new, grittier look for my SEEker Series.

What do you think? (Please click on it for a larger image)

Thanks for any and all feedback

- Mac


  1. I'm no expert on these things but you asked for opinions...
    My choice would be the bottom line five.

    I wonder what others will think?

    All the best Jan

  2. I am with Jan. The tops ones are a touch too 'busy' for me.

  3. not sure what you mean with "gritty". As I have not read the books it is hard to have an opinion. But, as a photographer and artist I think some of the images is "hard to read" they makes no sence. And I think a cover should say something about the story.

  4. ...take a dart and throw it.

  5. I agree that a lack of knowledge about the story makes a comment tenuous, but I'd probably go for bottom #3. Possibly bottom #5 for it's readability. The ones on this page immediately to the right-- Just Dead and Dead Maybe are effective. I like the reflection in Dead Maybe.

  6. Top Middle! I like the tough dark look and it says bounty hunter to me.

  7. If the new look is the top row, I like them very much.

  8. Wow, it is kinda hard to say. I do think the top row is much busier but then again maybe it should be. The bottom row is easier to read all the small print-----

  9. 8 and 9...less complicated and easier to read without getting distracted!!!