Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Started a New Novel

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

I had been working on the fourth volume in my Shadows series for twice what it takes me usually to complete a manuscript. I decided Monday it just wasn't going...anywhere.

So I started on a sequel to my kick butt dead maybe which I just finished reading/editing to get my head into the character and her world. (I really recommend dead maybe. It is non-stop action."

So what do you think about the start of just dead...

Chapter 1
I put a big hurt in the Miami crime scene without having to torture, kill, even manhandle a single scumbag. I can manhandle a guy. At 5 feet and a few inches, I won’t say how many exactly, a man doesn’t want to have to face me even if I look somewhat dainty, because I don’t fight fair. No one has ever called me a lady, and never will.
Since I was three years old I had been tutored to analyze data. I didn’t start with stacking blocks like most kids. Fun was fingering a bullet with my eyes closed to determine its caliber. I learned to count by .22, .25, .38, .44, .45.
Lifting a wallet from inside a man’s jacket was recess at four. Jamming a stiletto in an eye socket to end a fight was biology at five. By six I could lead a symposium on the human pain centers. At seven I had my first martial arts black belt.
I was twenty-nine before a human hugged me, touched me with compassion. Just weeks before that I learned my true birthdate, my last name wasn’t Morgan, and the miserable bitch that had kept me locked in a cold Chicago basement my whole life was actually my mother.
She was knocked up at fourteen by a priest she probably hounded for years, before he took her behind some alter. A mob assassin since she was fifteen.
So I have an excuse for my antisocial behavior. When I kill someone I don’t feel much at the time, but I tend to throw up afterward, so even if I can’t smile to save the world, I don’t think I’m a complete sociopath. 


  1. Oooh. Looking forward to reading more. But you knew that.

  2. It's looking good. Very interesting.

  3. Sounds interesting, but what a horrible childhood. Although without it she wouldn't be who she is now.

  4. If you're really struggling with a novel, I think you're right to leave it – you can always come back to it later.

  5. Sounds interesting. Your novels could be made into movies. Keep writing.

  6. As I see you are a very fertile writer. Good luck!