Sunday, May 7, 2017


Nicola and I have followed each other’s blogs for years. I’m excited to read her debut novel, and tell you about it. I’ll start off saying I hate her cover. It doesn’t fit the Police Procedural genre at all…so wipe your mind of the image. (I’m working on her to go for a grittier urban image.) 

Second point: I wish my debut novel was this good.

Lane Rivers is the epitome of the tough detective who always gets her man. The protagonist and other main characters are the strength behind what will be this novel’s success. They are richly displayed with their faults, distractions, and humor.

I’m not a fan of Nicola’s point of view … I prefer a story told from a single person’s perspective, without the convenient omniscient explanations …background, reasoning, all those things your protagonist would never have in her mind. That said, Nicola does a good job at easing the transitions from protagonist, main characters, and the gremlin on the shoulder.

If you enjoy the police procedural, you will enjoy this book.

The book’s blurb:
The job is brutal. It sucks every ounce of life out of you.
The deafening sound of chaos and confusion met Detective Chief Inspector Lane Rivers as she arrived at the crime scene. The brutal murder of a popular Italian restaurant owner shocks the London community. Lane and her team at Scotland Yard find themselves in a vortex of deception and bloodshed.
The victim led an unblemished life: perfect wife, successful business, financially secure. Everybody admired him. But is everything as perfect as it seems?
The investigation progresses, unveiling disturbing secrets – secrets that someone is willing to kill for. But with little evidence and no clear motive, Lane struggles to make headway. Her frustration is further complicated by external factors, forcing her to confront her own recent grief and vulnerabilities.

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  1. Good luck with the book, Nicola.

  2. More bookie temptation? Thank you and drat you.
    And congratulations to Nicola.

  3. Congratulations to Nicola. I also think the cover could be grittier! Great blurb. I wish it was my debut novel.

  4. i like that your review is so honest - sugar coated is nice but not helpful. i don't know much about covers but i always feel yours are really good - so perhaps she should take your advice.

    i liked the "blurb" and i hope she does well!!

  5. Thank you very much for your honest review, Mac. I'm so pleased you liked the story and am grateful for your expert advice and help with the cover. I am particularly thankful for your time :) Thanks to everyone who has commented.