Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I've Published #33

Ever in Shadow

Bea Ruud, accomplished athlete, successful attorney, kidnap survivor, is starting her life over with a titanium hip, her running and skydiving history. Her stalker remains a threat. Strong willed, agonizingly independent, she’s stuck relying on her parents. Scandal and international intrigue explodes around her famous uncle, who disappears, evidently taking Bea’s father with him. Thugs threaten the family. Amid the chaos, four men appear intrigued with Bea’s charms. They must be crazy. She’s no bucket of sunshine.


  1. That's great my friend! Well done! Love those beautiful yellow FL flowers too! Enjoy your afternoon...wish we would get a shower.

  2. "She's no bucket of sunshine."
    I LOVE that line :)
    I may ask you for advice on self-publishing one day, but for now, is it permitted to publish a book if the chapters have already been online in my blog?