Friday, April 28, 2017

I’ve typed The End

For the 250-odd of you who routinely stop in every day, each is invited to participate as a beta reader for this third volume in my Shadow series. Give me a couple weeks to get this edited so typos won’t be annoying, and I’ll get you an e-copy format of your choice. I just want to hear if you liked it; were there elements that turned you off; if you didn’t finish, where was that and why. Drop me a note. (Link above.)

This is the draft short description:

An anti-romance, suspense . . . Bea Ruud’s escape from victim-self-pity is in the toilet and she’s starting over, with a titanium hip, her running and skydiving days over. Her stalker remains a threat. Family skeletons loom with her uncle mulling a run for governor—until he disappears, with Bea’s father. There are threatening men with guns, and international intrigue. With all the chaos, she has gentlemen showing interest in her, something she’s not accustomed to. With her life a shambles, why now?

And if you don't beta read for me . . . well at least buy my masterpiece next month. I could use a paycheck. 

And of course, tell three friends how much you liked it. No. five friends.

You support your NBA/, right? They're worth millions. I could use a good word.

- The Hermit Writer


  1. Congratulations. I would MUCH rather support a writer than any sporting team. And as always, my greedy self would love to read it.

  2. "The End", there's something I've never yet been able to type on anything.
    Congratulations. I hope it does very well for you.

  3. Another point reached with no doubt satisfaction - well done and congratulations.

  4. Hello, I am not into sports. I do love to read, when I find the time. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. a good sports!! good luck, i do try to support your writings the best i can - being i do not read!!