Thursday, February 23, 2017

Angie Fox – Southern Spirits

I’m not a cozy mystery reader. I like a lot of shooting, bombs, bar fights. Even less big on cozy mystery-romance. But hey, throw in some quirky ghosts and I’m in the book for hours.

So if you love good characters…try this free read by an author of a gazillion books. I’ve downloaded another of her books, and I see she writes about vampires. She may be my new, favorite author.

Download Southern Spirits here:


  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence! Southern Spirits was a blast to write, and you can't beat free!

  2. That looks like an amazingly fun read. Best of luck to Angie!

  3. I want a killing in the mountains and alot of old ghosts Lol!
    Nice post Mac :)

  4. I like the mystery romance but not the shooting/bombs etc.
    We are all different.

  5. I'll give this one a miss. I've just loaded seven new mystery/crime books onto my kindle, they'll take me a while to get through.

  6. I like most stories with ghosts in them.