Thursday, January 19, 2017

SEEker 5, Ward of Psychos Beta is OUT


I've sent a beta copy of SEEker 5 out to my beta readers. If I've missed anyone, please message me (and I apologize).

SEEker 5 has evolved a bit from the ACTION/ADVENTURE of SEEker 1 a bit more to the ACTION/HUMOR/ROMANCE category...but I promise I won't be making any of you dudes gag or anything. The series has always been about relationships, and nothing has changed there. The female characters have merely taken a more prominent position in the plot.

The BLURB (still needing some tweaks):
Partnerships require trust. Many things can intrude. Jealousy. Insulting your dog. Stealing your girlfriend. The important thing is to stick together and shoot the other guy. Three taps center mass ends an argument. All is good if the bad guy gets cuffed and the good guy lives another day to hunt the next bail jumper. Life is hard. It’s always one bullet, one indictment by a spiteful prosecutor, at a time. Flexibility is good. Anti-depressants help. And remember, three love interests can deprive you of sleep.

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