Monday, January 9, 2017

SEEker 5 draft is complete

I just typed, The End. Wow. This is my best work yet. I’m shocked at how different it is from my other novels, even though I’ve re-used characters and Jon and Augie’s bounty-hunting world. This has much more anti-romance in it (uh, relationship stuff from a male perspective) than any other. It’s biting dialogue and ripping disappointment.

If you’d like to beta read for me, message me. Here’s the draft blurb:

Partnerships require trust. Many things can intrude. Incompetence. Jealousy. A knife in the back. The important thing is to stick together and shoot the other guy. Three taps center mass ends an argument. All is good if the bad guy dies and the good guy lives another day to hunt a new bail jumper. Life is hard. It’s always one bullet, one indictment from an envious prosecutor at a time. Flexibility is good. Anti-depressants help. And remember, three love interests can kill you.


  1. Congratulations. Your best work yet? That must feel really good.
    And you know I would be happy to beta-read.

  2. "Partnerships require trust" - very true. You grow and your writing is also becoming best.
    Congrats on completing the book.

  3. Congratulations! I hope the book does well.