Friday, January 13, 2017

More on the Osprey Trail

Greetings from the sweating Hermit Writer

Lucas, Chico, and Nacho on their bar stools

A better shot of Lucas

And Lucas and Chico

The man with the tripod said mom was in the nest with her babies. I didn't wait to see her poke her head up.

But here's Dad

A little red to go along with the green and blue


  1. Just lovely. I hope that mother and babes do really, really well.(today I am a sweating reader.) I loathe and detest the sweaty season.

  2. No need to bother than looking up in the trees. Great R Mac.

  3. Trees birds and sky, a good combination.

  4. Hello, pretty images. I always enjoy seeing the Osprey and the Eagles. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  5. How amazing! I would love to see the chicks...hope you can go back! Enjoy this glorious weather!

  6. spotting an eagle is always so exciting!!! go back, and wait to see them, you won't regret it!!!