Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Favorite Passage - my WIP

My current novel took a serious turn in tone at around 45,000 words. Will require a title and cover change. This is more romance (incompetent male perspective) than shoot-em-up. Weird.

“Just call her and tell her it’s over,” Rees whined.
“What’s it to you?” I asked.
She glared at me a moment. “Didn’t I throw myself at you the other night.”
“You’re a psycho. We are never going to happen.”
Her face paled, which startled me. I didn’t think anything could get through her crazy. Her eyes rimmed red. Was it an act? She was a good actor. I waited.
“That hurt,” she said.
“Like I’m the only one who has ever called you a psycho?” I mumbled.


  1. Words can hit like bullets sometimes!

  2. Your characters are calling the shots I see...

  3. That' a good passage. 45,000 words? I can barely write 200-300, then I run out of steam and ideas.