Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Favorite Passage - At the Friendly Watering Hole (WIP)

My phone vibrated. I gave it a peek. Rees. Bad timing. Should I check what she said?
“Go ahead,” Roger said. “Not like it’ll interrupt our deep conversation.”
Yeah. I’d been waiting for him to start talking. I need someone to talk to, she said.
Brother. And I’m drinking beer with her boyfriend. I shook my head and slipped my phone back in my pocket.
“Not going to answer?” Roger asked.
Yeah, no. His phone must have vibrated. He pulled it out. He tensed, and returned his phone to his pocket. Did his hand shake?
“Not going to answer?” I parroted at him.
He shook his head and guzzled down the last of the second beer. Why not. I finished mine too. We might as well stay in sync. Linda was back like a friendly gnat. She’s a good woman. We both took hits to kill the heads on our mugs.


  1. Hmmn.
    I suspect neither of them WILL do much talking.

  2. Yeah, no...can't make up his mind at the spur of the moment! interesting.