Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tanzi's HEAT - A Shout Out

C.I. Dennis and I should be pals. He writes about my neck of the woods. His thing is action. He beats up and shoots his protagonist as much as I do my SEEker character, Jon the slacker. I’m not a crime writer (unless you count bounty hunting in the genre), and haven’t read extensively in the genre, but I found this a great read. I highly recommend it to anyone who follows my style…action, sarcasm, lust, tough guys, sexier women.


  1. Sigh.
    I need no more bookie temptation. Thank you, and drat you.

  2. Oh no! More books. How many can a girl read in the next forty years? That's assuming I live to be 104 with mind and eyesight still reliable.

  3. I clicked on the link to find this is book one in a series and if it is excellent, I'm going to want to read books two, three and four, which are all more expensive :(