Friday, October 7, 2016

Sucks Being a Writer

I think my SEEker characters are the best ever to come out of my head. But look above. The original volume has two STINKIN' reviews since December, 2011. The second volume...NONE since 2013.

(One used to have five reviews. I hate Amazon)

Please, READERS, even if you think a book is just average, can you give a guy a couple stars, so it looks like I exist? I'm starting to wonder.

- The Hermit Writer

My whining pleading request produced a very kind 5 star for SEEker 3. I am humbled. So kind.


  1. Hooray.
    When I get to Seeker I will publish Reviews. I promise.

  2. So here's the plan. When your book is published, offer it free to a few friends to do a review for you. Even if it's not a 5, at least you have some reviews!

    1. Unfortunately, Amazon is now deleting most reviews that do not come from individuals who haven't purchased to book. All about making the reviews more honest...since too many authors have given away books with the promise of a review. The process is out of hand.

  3. I need to get these books on my reading list. I'm glad you got a new review today...and a great one too!

  4. That's gotta be hard, and frustrating. I admit to not being much of a reader. I spend too much time online and playing around in PhotoShop (my loss).

  5. That's an excellent review, but I just can't afford to buy any new books for reading right now. As well as the 500 unread ones on my kindle I have a stack of books by me bedside and a BIG winter heating bill expected any day now.