Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hampton Tract - The Green Swamp

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

Oh, look who I found crossing the trail.

He looks like he's outgrowing his shell, huh.

Maybe he needs to back away from the buffet

I love this view.

And this view. Just wish it had been a little cooler. I ran out of water.

How special. A flutterby


  1. I always like seeing a turtle. One of my favorite animals.

  2. Love the butterfly. Reminds me of my grandma.

  3. that's a gorgeous butterfly to see naturally. i have seen them in butterfly houses, but never in the wild.

    and yes, get that turtle a new coat, he's been eating way too much grass!!!

  4. So cool, love happening upon turtles and that butterfly looks just like one I caught in Alabama, they might be distant cousins!

  5. That's a very different favorite photo is the clear blue sky with the bird.

  6. Great to find a turtle on the trail. The butterfly is quite pretty.