Monday, October 10, 2016

Extraordinarily Cool Shots

Greetings from the Hermit Writer.

I don't need an excuse to shoot flowers.

Or the sun through the canopy

And who doesn't love a red head caught in the sun?

Hm. Tree and fungus fighting it out for space.

Is this not the coolest oak you've seen today?

Worth a second shot. Not weird photoshopping. My lens was fogging up. Very humid morning.


  1. Oooh.
    And ahhh.
    I vote for the non-human shots today. All of them.

  2. The oak looks like two lovers entwined. Very cool.

  3. What a cool tree!! I am a red head lover, with so many in my family!!!!

  4. So cool! BTW - if you still want a FREE copy of my short story then I need the email address where you want me to send it:

  5. What a neat old tree! I love seeing something unusual like that. And the red hair is pretty. Mine is so white now that I glow in the dark and blind you in the sunlight! lol

  6. I vote highly for those lovely twisted, crooked old oaks!

  7. The fungus looks like a snow tipped mini Christmas tree; love how the new tree is growing through it.

  8. Love those entwined trees!