Saturday, September 24, 2016

Favorite Passage - At the Dining Table

“You’re awfully quiet,” Mom said. “You don’t have an opinion?”
She knows I’m not chatty, right? I shrugged and continued to shovel hashed-eggs. Everyone else was happy to leave me out of whatever.
A moment later all the trifolds made sense. Why Mom and Michael had disappeared for a couple days, and acted all secretive. I guess the retirement was a go, and they were working on how best to kick it off.
Personally, disappearing with a suitcase sounded nice.
“Biltmore is too froufrou,” Mom said.
I thought that about the Grove. But Motel 6 makes me feel underdressed. I finished my breakfast and Norm snatched the plate, I guess afraid I might steal it or something, and I pushed back to catch my breath. Maybe I inhaled my food. Mom has commented in the past I’d make a good pig. Roger and I sometimes act as though we’re in a race, I think. In my case, I don’t think my brain functions all that well when my jaw is working, so I like to get finished so what the crew has to say, makes sense.
I can’t speak for Roger.


  1. I like these peeks into the books. It helps me understand what's in there. When I used to go to the bookstore every weekend I would read a few small pieces of a book to see if I liked the writing.

  2. what ratty said so beautifully!!!

  3. I don't think anyone's brain works as well when the jaw is moving. To eat or to talk.

  4. Very good but I am on Seeker 3---this one looks good also.