Friday, September 23, 2016

Fav Passage - Dude Lit

Michael smiled sadly. “Bad enough I brought you and Augie into this stuff.”
I harrumphed. “I think Augie brought us into this.”
“He was excited to play Stephanie Plum.”
That name. Where had I—oh yeah. That’s what Augie called Michael the day we met him in the gym the first time. I asked him who this Plum chick is.
“I thought you read a lot,” he said.
I mumbled something about there being a lot of books.
“She’s a bumbling bounty hunter,” he said. “Humorous chick lit stuff. Author has a weird name. But real popular.”
“You read chick lit?” I asked.
“Didn’t say that. I’m just aware.”
Sure. I mumbled a hum, hum at him. “I prefer dude lit.”
“That a genre?” he asked.


  1. would somebody mumble a hum hum? or would it be a hmm, hmm?
    Love Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series.

  2. I enjoy Stephanie Plum too. And happily read cross genre. And particularly like books which cross genres.

  3. Good cross genres is never just hum hum to me!