Monday, August 15, 2016

Hey y'all...Buy my Book, Please

An exciting day for the Hermit Writer. My 32nd title has been thrust into the face of the cruel, cruel world. I hope you'll give it a swing, I mean, read. It's funny. With a lot of action. A few insults. A minor bit of lusting and beer drinking.

Raucous, quirky mayhem.

Slacker Jon Reagan often challenges his life expectancy since he and his best pal, an autistic genius, partnered with a couple of bounty hunters. In their private war against drug dealers, Jon snagged a sexy FBI agent girlfriend, but he promptly got her shot. He’s been beaten to a pulp and tested his Kevlar far more than is wise, enough his partners often mumble, “Bullets love you.” When he thinks karma may cut him a break, more of the same piles on when family skeletons and a new load of disasters slap him upside the head. He faces a life decision. Odds don’t favor him living to make it.


  1. Congratulations. Do I need to start with the first from the series?

  2. Congratulations my friend. I'm very happy for you and would love to read it! Enjoy your day!

  3. Just got mine on Kindle. Thanks.